Estate Duty is a tax that is payable on Death of an individual. This tax is effectively a tax on after tax assets. The use of wills and trusts are an essential part of estate planning and maximising the wealth of your family’s estate.

Bekker Investments will provide advice on how legislative changes affect your estate as well as advice on how to minimise your estate duty and tax liability.

Personal Risk planning is also essential to ensure the estate is liquid and that illiquid assets in the estate do not need to be sold off to pay Estate Duty and Executor fees.

Estate planning involves making plans for the transfer of your estate after death. Your estate is all the property that you own. It can include cash, clothes, jewellery, cars, houses, land, retirement, investment, Life Policies & savings accounts, etc. Estate planning usually has several objectives and goals. They include:

  • Making sure most of the estate is transferred to your beneficiaries
  • Paying the least amount of taxes on your estate
  • Assigning guardians for minor children, if any

Estate planning is something that should be done when a person is legally competent, which means that the person must be of sound mind and at least 18 years old. It should also be done when the owner of the estate is in good health and free from emotional stress. To start estate planning, contact Bekker Investments today.

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