Newsletter – October 2023 – Issue 137

Markets are up and down again. Covid, Ukraine, now Israel, What next! This world is in a mess.
I was sitting with some colleagues recently and they were saying that four of their friends are returning from Australia back to South Africa because they are not happy in Australia. In the same conversation it came up that there was a German and a Belgian staying in South Africa that went back to their respective countries for a visit and said that they have seen a massive deterioration in their old homelands and were very happy to be back in South Africa.
My view is that next year’s election is going to be of paramount importance, and we must pray that the ANC do not get a majority vote, then they will have to form a coalition that will put an end to all the corruption, stealing, etc, etc. It will not be an instant fix, but at least we will be heading in the right direction.
Congratulations to our Bokke who did us proud. I personally am very glad that it is over as my bottle store bill is as big as our national budget and I can now stop seeing my psychologist and cardiologist.