Newsletter – September 2023 – Issue 136

Markets so far are down for September, but only by 2-3% overseas and in South Africa. The English pound is very weak as is the rand. The US dollar is strengthening against all major currencies. Some financial prophets are predicting R25.00 to the dollar by year end. If you have money, move it offshore.
I have just returned from a trip to England to visit my children and grandchildren. We took a short trip to Italy and toured down the East Coast from Rome to the Boot Heel. It was comforting for me as a South African (Always feeling we are at the bottom of the pile) to see that we are not the only country in trouble. I witnessed how people there are now paying £500 per month more on food, £200 per month more for electricity. If you have any debt, you have had a massive increase in your repayments because of soaring interest rates.
We stopped in a little town on the beach in Italy with the temperature at 33º. The beach was seven deep with tourists and locals crowding everywhere. We went to a little restaurant right on the beach and found that we were the only people in there. All the people on the beach had brought their own food and drinks or were buying cheap pizza from nearby street vendors.