Newsletter – April 2023 – Issue 131

I have just arrived back from my Easter holiday in Mozambique, straight into mini riots, load shedding, no water, phone call cuts, etc. If I had enough fuel in my plane I would have turned around and gone straight back to Mozambique, where none of the above is present.
The local and offshore markets are going in the right direction, and the weak rand is also helping. At one stage it was over R23.00 to the GBP. Inflation seems to be under control so we should see interest rates offshore and local start to decline. Russia and the Ukraine are still dancing and we have yet to see who is going to leave the ball in a pumpkin. A lot of the prices that went through the roof because of this conflict, are also starting to settle down as the rest of the world is now filling those gaps.
Unfortunately, the aftermath has caused many businesses to close and extreme job losses. I am still hoping and praying that the next election will result in a workable coalition which can be the start of a new SA.