Newsletter – September 2022 – Issue 125

Challenging times for world markets. (See attached).
The whole world is increasing interest rates to curb inflation, which has been caused by the extreme rise in food and fuel costs which has in turn pushed prices up on almost everything. This is a bubble, and the rates will come down again and markets will return to normal. This downturn that we are in is not unique, we have been there before, Soweto Riots, Rubicon Speech, USA Sub Prime Crisis, Covid etc. (See attached).
As you will see on the attached graphs it always bounces back to an extended period of growth. The one graph goes back to 1976 and the other back to 2000. It is scary when you are in it like now, but this negative market will end. My own portfolio is in the same fund/shares that my clients are in, and I am sitting tight. If anyone has cash now, buy, buy, buy. Shares/ funds are now at ridiculously low prices.
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