Newsletter – June 2022 – Issue 122

“And the hits just keep on coming” Clint Eastwood quote. Our President caught with $4 Million Dollars under his mattress at his Bela-Bela Game Farm, seriously!!! Eskom strikes equal stage 6 load shedding. Do the people not understand that Eskom is bankrupt, where are you going to get more money if you have no money?!!! Maths 101.
Offshore markets are flattening out, thus last week saw a 4% – 8% turn around.
I pray this is the end of our downturn. The rand is weakening because of the Presidents very full mattress and Eskom’s woes. We are all hanging in there for the turn around. If there are any clients who wish to exit into cash, we can do that for them, but this is not my recommendation.