Newsletter – May 2022 – Issue 121

The markets are up and down but are starting to have more up days than down. My guess is that we should break out of the down cycle in the next 3 months as the world has already started to absorb the Ukraine / Russia Fiasco. I read a very interesting article that said, “China did covid on purpose, Russia did Ukraine Invasion on purpose. They colluded on this as a plan to weaken the western world.
The reason for this is that China or Russia on their own cannot defeat the world. As we can see, in the Ukraine Invasion Russia is struggling to overcome a small country with very little weaponry so they by themselves are not a threat to the West.
The conspiracists say that they did that to see how the West would react and how far they would go to assist the Ukraine. So far, the assistance that the West has given is pathetic and this would give Russia and China confidence. China is watching closely because they are targeting a takeover of Taiwan (their Ukraine problem) So watch this space.
Once they have taken over Taiwan, they will get together with Russia to form their own Global currency with the intent of this currency to replace the American Dollar as the world currency.