Newsletter – March 2022 – Issue 119

The markets are less grumpy in March and the offshore funds/ shares have started recovering. The clever people are saying 9 – 12 weeks and we should be in full recovery.
Our clients that have invested over the last few weeks have had a double bonus, strong rand, and low market prices. Raid your wife’s piggy bank and invest.
People are strange when the world is crashing
(Wars, pandemics). They think that it’s never going to recover. Then three months later all is good, we are making money, and they forget.
See attached graphs on how the world/markets have recovered after every crisis. The only people who have lost are those who panicked and sold in the crash.
The world is amazing. Ukraine/Russia hits us and panic strikes. Markets crash (helped by media hype), then one month later recovery starts.
The rest of the world opens their oil pipelines to pick up the slack created by the war. Farmers in the rest of the world plant more maize, wheat, sunflower etc to plug the gap and the world carries on.
Soon the crisis is forgotten and is only in the history books.